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First, EDELPORNOS.de is the operator of this website HCMEDIEN.com. Since 2004, EDELPORNOS.de - formerly HC-Medien.com - has become a leading and popular HARDCORE online shop in Europe. This is simply because we are always trying to make our customers happy and because we offer the best after-sale service. We want to thank our customers for the numerous emails we’ve received, confirming their satisfaction. In addition, we have a large number of regular customers who enjoy coming back to EDELPORNOS and continue to shop with us online. Currently, 65% of our customers who have ever made a purchase at EDELPORNOS have become regular customers. We want to thank them because this is the best confirmation of consumer satisfaction.

EDELPORNOS consists of a team that has been intensively involved with hardcore for a long period of time. We believe this is a very high prerequisite for a competent and successful business. Unfortunately, there are many shops whose respective teams have never watched a single movie of their assortment and could never provide an objective critique about the movie. The question that arises is which criteria do these businesses use to rank and categorize their movies? Is it based on the movie cover? Or do they use the EDELPORNOS critique?

EDELPORNOS watches every movie in its entirety before it becomes part of the EDELPORNOS assortment! Only then are we able to provide an objective review about the item. Numerous movies are rejected due to deficient and unsatisfactory quality. This time consuming procedure of selecting movies is the best and most reliable way to guarantee that only high-quality movies are sold at our shop.

Unfortunately, sometimes we discover that over time the quality of certain established labels decreases. When we notice a quality decrease in one of our products, we no longer provide these labels to our customers and remove them from our assortment.

Such an extensive service offers only one:
EDELPORNOS.de - The Shop for High Quality Porn DVDs!


Angela White (born 4 March 1985) is an Australian pornographic actress and director. Having started her career in the adult industry in 2003, she obtained a university degree in...


Adriana Chechik (born November 4, 1991) is an American pornographic actress. She grew up in foster care. She is of English, Russian and Serbian descent. After having earned a GED...


Born in Barcelona, Spain, on October 15th 1983, this Spanish blond made her first porn movie in 2008 when she was twenty-five years old. Brigitte B. is her actual and only...


4 important reasons!

  • Reason 1:

    Since 2004, EDELPORNOS.de, formerly HC-Medien.com, has established itself as one of the leading and most popular Porn-DVD shops in Europe. This is not least due to the fact that we are always striving to meet the wishes of our customers and to ensure the best after-sales service.

  • Reason 2:

    We have seen all the porn DVDs, that we have in our program! This is the basic prerequisite, that we can to evaluate a porn movie for you. DVDs, which do not meet our requirements, are not included in our offer.

  • Reason 3:

    Since we are generally watching all our DVD's, we can show trailers - if available - and up to 72 screenshots, which we produce ourselves, show to our customers. This makes it easy for you to choose the DVD(s), that you like.

  • Reason 4:

    All Porn DVDs that you can buy from us, we also have in stock. All Porn DVDs that you can buy from us, we also have in stock. This will ensure that you receive your shipment as soon as possible. If a DVD is not in stock, you can not order it. This prevents us from having to wait an unnecessarily long time for your goods. If a DVD is not in stock, you can not order it. This prevents you from having to wait an unnecessarily long time for your goods.


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